Saturday, August 22, 2009

The gardens at Philbrook

Another thing we enjoyed with the Harrises was our children's creativity together. We were thoroughly entertained, almost nightly, with plays. There were scripts, rehearsals, songs, costumes, playbills, programs, etc. Very impressive!

Who knew what creative children we had in the home?

Such talent!


Did you know the state song of Oklahoma is the Rogers and Hammerstein song "Oklahoma"? We of course couldn't let the Harrises leave without a chance to see the musical. Armed with plenty of bug spray, and thankful for a relatively cool evening, we really enjoyed the performance.

After the show, we went down to meet the cast. We had to be careful where we walked because this outdoor show came complete with horses and wagons!

Here are the girls with Ado Annie and her beau, Will.

And, of course, we had to meet Laurey, the Belle of Claremore. We even know where Claremore is now...

Anna set her hat for Curley, the leading man.

The children were thrilled to get autographs after the performance and the actor/actresses also enjoyed the British accents of our friends. Ali Hakim, the "wandering persian peddler" below, will be wandering to London this fall for an acting opportunity. Wonder if he'll meet Any of the Harrises again?

The Cherokee village, Tahlequah

Another day we went to Tahlequah to see the Cherokee Heritage Museum~for a fact it didn't matter where we went, everyone was happy to be together!

It was very hot.

Fortunately, the Harrises suggested ice-cream, and we stopped at Braum's for a refreshing treat.

On the way out of town we noticed a statue for "Where the Red Fern Grows" (my favorite children's book) and had to stop.

Billy, Old Dan and Little Ann posed nicely with the children. The children, on the other hand...

A fun day.

The Gilcrease Museum

We took the Harrises to a museum we have come to enjoy here in Tulsa. This is a true Western museum that houses many of our favorite sculptures by Frederic Remington. I enjoyed seeing many paintings of all things western, including some that were done in the last decade. Very different than what you find in England!

Here is another work of art~our friend Anna.

They also have an art area for children to create works of art. See what they made!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Drillers~

The Tulsa Drillers were one of the events we took the Harris family to. Who can resist a game of American baseball?

The Harrises

Our good friend Adrian and Fiona Harris, along with their beautiful daughters Anna, Rachel and Kirsten arrived last week to bless us. We were so glad to see them!

They were so glad to see our pool, especially when they read the thermometer!